Monday, 15 May 2017

Project Bootcamp in Newmarket

A few weeks ago, I attended a Project Bootcamp - a day dedicated to bring artists and other creatives and arts organisations together to discuss community arts projects. It was the first event of its kind I attended and I really enjoyed it! The atmosphere was really friendly and productive (no phones allowed!) and the Market Place staff leading it really made the whole event a success. I've made some really interesting connections with other creatives - it was so great talking about art (and how little time we have to create...)
Here are more details about it (I can't believe they included my derpy feedback as well!). I have learned a great deal - but the three main points are:
1. Connecting with audiences. If you are planning a project, your first question should be not "What is my project going to be?", but "Who is it going to be for?".
2. There are so many interesting art-related things happening around us. Around you, wherever you are, there are exciting projects going on - just come off your customary Facebook-Twitter-Instagram route and search for arts organisations near you!
3. If you have a project in mind, it is possible to make it a reality. IT IS. Really. Whatever it is. There are opportunities and possibilities, people who are interested in the same thing. Connect with them, discuss your project with them, make it happen! #staycreative

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