Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Update + "But they don't teach manga at school..."

Hi everyone! How's your summer going? I've been quite busy both at home (with three kids out of school/nursery life can become a bit manic!) and art-wise. I've been leading manga workshops at Newmarket Library and have come across many young people who are genuinely interested in drawing, improving their skills, and manga/anime/comics. They have been a pleasure to teach!

In my workshops, I often come across people saying "I wish they taught manga at school", "but in art lessons we don't do anything manga/anime related" etc. First and foremost, I have to say - your art education doesn't finish the time your school day finishes. You can always continue to evolve and develop in your own time - practice, sketching, following video tutorials on YouTube, anything that helps you. If you want to draw manga - just do it!

Having said that, it's always nice to come across teachers/courses that are supportive towards budding manga artists. I have recently found out about Online College of Art and Design - it is part of Cambridge Online Education that offers a range of online courses, from GCSE level to Foundation degrees. But the main reason that this college caught my eye is that it offers manga as one of their Art&Design pathways! So if you want to work towards a GCSE/BTEC level qualification while pursuing your special interest in manga, this course enables you to do so. It's always great to see manga-style illustration to be more accepted! Please see the College's website for more info!

Another very good option is, of course, the Arts Award - I have been an Arts Award adviser for a number of years, and I have to say it's a really good programme to be a part of. Not only does it allow for creative freedom (you can practice any art form you choose!) and gives you a recognised qualification, it also lets you develop leadership skills. You can find a centre in your area and join up any time if you are up to 26 years old!

So don't limit yourself, explore your options - and #staycreative!

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