Saturday, 25 August 2018

Back to School update + Artist Teacher Scheme!

Hi! I thought it's been such a long time... so here's a very long-overdue update of what I've been up to:

- I've been running a lot of manga workshops and projects this year. The Dunstable one finished in early May - it turned out to be extremely successful, so much so that many of the participants have decided to keep in touch and meet up in the Library for a bit of drawing and a chat! Here's some of the (very flattering) feedback from the project:

"I learned to let my imagination run wild sometimes"

"I learned how to draw and adapt my style in different ways. It also helped me overcome my social anxiety (I only had a little) and I'm glad I went here. I am going to miss you all"

"The best thing was that I was around people that liked what I do"

- This summer, I was also part of Bradford Literature Festival - it was amazing, and I really want to go back and take part in Bradford Comico, an up-and-coming comics, manga and book-related mini-convention. I discovered so many talented creators!

- I've been working on a new graphic novel - as a historical fantasy set in early medieval Britain, it couldn't be more different from Chemical Blue! I'm absolutely relishing the creative process, and wish I had more time to spend on it.

- Last but most definitely not the least... I have gone back to University! I am studying on PGCert Artist Teacher Scheme at Oxford Brookes. So far, it has been absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. The course is run in partnership with Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford - if you have a chance, please visit it, it's incredible! I have only just started the course but it has already broadened my horizons and made me re-evaluate my practice as an educator and artist. I intend to regularly document my progression on the course, so watch this space!

- As always, keep an eye out on my Workshops and Events page for details of upcoming events, and keep up with my art and stuff on my Instagram account @irinarichardsart Enjoy the new school year and #staycreative!

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