Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Super busy days...

Hi everyone - long time no see! I have had a really busy March, and have just about got to the moment when I can breath out and report on everything that's been happening. - For a couple of weeks in March, I was Lead Artist in Residence at Downham Library in south-east London. This was part of SPINE Festival, organised by Apples and Snakes.I also acted as a mentor to Rue Gumbochuma, an amazingly talented young poet, musician and performer (who didn't need much mentoring - she was awesome anyway!) Together, we developed a programme of workshops for young people, and produced a legacy booklet featuring our art and poetry, as well as that of our participants. This was my first experience of being an Artist in Residence, and I absolutely loved every minute of it (the Cambridge-London commute - not so much!)

- I have been creating lots of artwork - commissions, residency-related, and some new artwork for my Artist Teacher Scheme course (I reeeeally need to update my Art section...)

- Last but definitely not the least - my graphic novel in progress, Witchmarked, has been shortlisted for the LDC Prize!!! (excuse the exclamation marks) The two-day festival last weekend included a review with an amazing comic artist Una, presentations from publishers such as Unbound, Self Made Hero and Myriad Editions and an evening reception (with wine) where the winner, Niki Banados, was announced. Although I didn't get the first prize, I received one of the runner-up cash prizes, and had a chance to meet so many amazing people. I am still buzzing from the excitement of last weekend!

- Next thing on the agenda would be to get on with my Uni work, and prepare a poster for the upcoming Get Published! conference at Oxford Brookes, where I will be presenting. No rest for the wicked (although with the Easter hoildays coming up, spending time with the kids and much-needed chilling time is definitely on the cards...) As always, keep up with my news/updates on my Instagram account @irinarichardsart Enjoy your Spring and #staycreative!

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