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“Awenydd” (ah-wen-ITH) is a Welsh word which, among other meanings, denotes an inspired individual. Awen (ah-WEN) is creative (particularly poetic) inspiration or a creative muse.

I have found my Awen on my many visits to Wales. One of my recent trips inspired a project that shaped my Masters dissertation: an investigation into how meanings can be made from historic objects (particularly those found in museum and heritage sites), and expressed through comics.

This virtual exhibition aims to showcase various outcomes of this project. It contains artwork and comics created by me as a researcher-participant, as well as comics created by project participants.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy exploring the galleries below. Click on the image and use the arrows in the top left corner to see the artwork in its full size, and the forward and back arrows for navigation.




A comic interpretation of the legend of Saint Melangell (pronounced "Melangeth"), inspired by a 15-century rood screen from Pennant Melangell, Powys, north-east Wales.

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Melangell's Lambs


A graphic essay documenting and reflecting on the process of making "Melangell's Lambs". It can also be viewed and downloaded as a PDF here.

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Crossing Paths


Some of the comics created by project participants (young people aged 10-19), inspired by online museum collections.

More information about the participatory aspect of this project can be found here.

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Participants' comics


A selection of sketches created during the planning stages of "Melangell's Lambs" and reference photographs of Pennant Melangell.​

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