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My latest manga graphic novel-in-progress. Shortlisted for Laydeez Do Comics Award in 2019.


CHEMICAL BLUE (2010-2015)

My first full-length manga. It started as a webcomic, and was later published by Sweatdrop Studios in two volumes (ISBN: 978-1-905038-27-5 and ISBN: 978-1-905038-44-2).
Chemical Blue follows the story of Amber, a shy, studious new girl trying to find herself at a new school. A chemistry scholarship, a new school and a roommate from hell - it seems that Amber’s life couldn’t be more chaotic... until she makes some unlikely friends: a crimson-haired school rebel, her slacker live-in best mate, and a sixth-form prefect hiding a dark secret...



A comic interpretation of the poem "Lady Gouldian Finch" by Rue Gumbochuma. Created during my Artist Residency at SPINE Festival in March 2019.


ALONE (2018)

A short 4-page manga adaptation of the poem "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe.


FORTUNE (2012)

A standalone 10-page story. Published in NEO Magazine (issue 91).



A standalone story. Published in BD Zine (issue 30, ISSN: 1770-3522), translated into French.